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  • Do Ask 
    is a polling app like no others.  No need to pay for clickers and 3rd party servers.  Doodles are supported, making it great for math and beginner language classes.

  • DeLights brings an extension to a classic game (Lights Out) to the Mac.  Current version can export game data as a matrix for use in Maple.  Great for a linear algebra class.  Check out the videos at the YouTube channel MathApptician that show the math behind the app.

  • Doce Nos (formerly YASC) is an agile teaching/presentation app. It allows you to run any app on your computer and stream the content to an external display in an elegant way. No longer do you have to show your desktop to the audience. It also works well with web conferencing solution Adobe Connect, making it an excellent tool for live online teaching.  Now with Do Ask polling built in, it is a power house. Check out the video tutorials and download the free trial.  Videos at the YouTube channel MathApptician were created using Doce Nos!
    Doce Nos is built for teachers by a teacher.  Great for making videos for a flipped class. 

    Doce Nos vs chalkboard/whiteboard
    Chalkboards/whiteboards are great but they present many limitations. For example, writing on a chalkboard or whiteboard can be hard work for someone who is physically challenged. And it is difficult to draw straight lines and shapes convincingly on the board. Also, one cannot save what one has written on a whiteboard for later retrieval. If used as a chalkboard replacement, Doce Nos frees you from these limitations and offers a lot more: It lets you manipulate written strokes using multitouch gestures, save them, and stream anything from your computer, such as a YouTube video or a computation demo, midway through lectures. 

    Doce Nos vs SMART Board 
    SMART Board comes in a large package with learning objects for many subjects and serves a special purpose. However, if it is used merely as a writing board with multitouch capability, not only does it have the same disadvantages of a whiteboard, its limited size makes it impossible to be used in large rooms. As Doce Nos only needs an external projector, the size of the room is no longer an issue as one can just use a more powerful projector. In addition, multitouch boards are not portable whereas you can take Doce Nos with you wherever there is an external projector. 

    Doce Nos vs PowerPoint/Keynote
    PowerPoint or Keynote assumes that you follow an essentially sequential script. It is difficult to handle unexpected deviation from that script once you start. For example, if in the middle of your PowerPoint presentation, you need to respond to a question by writing on some sort of board, what would you do? Most people would try to squeeze in the answer on the board space not covered by the screen or switch out of PowerPoint, set the projector to mirror the desktop, and then launch a writing app. With Doce Nos, you can accomplish all these by switching tracks with just a simple click. 

    Doce Nos vs mirroring the desktop 
    There are things behind the scenes that you do not necessarily want to show. Maybe you have cue notes. Maybe you want to look at the clock. Showing things irrelevant to your teaching or presentation can be very distracting. With Doce Nos, you get to choose exactly what you want to show without any of the distractions. 

    Unlock the power of Doce Nos now and transform the way you deliver presentations and lectures!